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Sterling silver necklace chain with a stunning ocean jasper stone - I added multiple photos to hopefully show off all it's beauty and showcase both sides of the stone! Complete with sterling silver magnetic clasp.

Ocean jasper stone

Approx. 17.5 inches in total length
Sterling silver magnetic clasp


  •  Please wear with care! Never pull on chain to take on/off. Highly suggested you grab the clasps to not weaken chain over time.
  • An occasional cleaning with a jewelry cloth or solution may be necessary. 

Sterling Necklace - Ocean Jasper

  • Wearing of chain jewelry that may lead to a darker chain tone or slight changes in bead/stone colors over time is normal. Natural oils, sweat, and environmental elements all contribute to the slight changes in jewelry. Consider using a polishing cloth once a month or scrubbing lightly with warm soap and water.

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